nuts in the ass, dick in the pussy
Freak that bitch out, give her the trailer hitch.
by BigSteve420 July 27, 2006
Top Definition
For when a friend goes to bump fists with you and instead you quickly clamp your hand over theirs. It's supposed to feel unpleasant; a mean-spirited fist bump.
My buddy tried to fist bump me yesterday but instead I gave him a trailer hitch! Ha ha, he felt so violated! He was so angry, he chased me down the street!
by AFanOfMatt November 21, 2010
A trailer hitch is pulling your cock and balls between your legs, bending over and yelling someones name so they can see you from behind. It closely resembles the trailer hitch on Grandma's van.
Hey Carl, look at my trailer hitch!
by Joe Andanjie September 06, 2004
To perform extremely strong and satisfying oral sex on a male.
Saffrnellie can't wait to trailer-hitch her darlin' Michael.
by Saffernellie August 10, 2009
Occurs when one circumsized male touches penis's with another male who is uncircumsized so that the foreskin covers the tip of the uncircumsized penis joining them as one or as a trailer hitch. (Although I don't recommend heavy towing wink wink)
When Rob found out George was from Greece he immediately asked if he had been clipped, since George was most definitely not they dropped trow and trailer-hitch themselves.
by Lloyd Dobler November 04, 2007
When you are hitting a girl doggie style and she reaches around and holds your balls from slapping around.
I was hitting this chic last night and she gave me the trailer hitch!
by big papa pump July 26, 2004
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