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1. Sarcastically highlights moments in film or television that viewers find trite; inferring the moment is cliché, and could’ve been used in the trailer, preview, or sneak peek, as a means of generating hype. When used, the term embodies a condemnation of Hollywood cinema, the failure to innovate, and a reliance on cinematic clichés as a means attracting, and maintaining the appeal of a broader audience. Examples are often defined as corny; and identified in scenes described with intense action, powerful emotion, witty one-liners, or general “awe”.

Not to be confused with Trailer moment; Trailer déjà vu refers to instances not actually found in the theatrical trailer, preview, or sneak peek.
That scene just gave me a wicked case of trailer déjà vu; it was so corny, I can’t believe they didn’t use it in the trailer.
by Jrskow July 16, 2011
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