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When a trailer misrepresents the movie it advertises. When you view the actual movie, you see the trailer has nothing to do with the narrative, characters or plot. You are a victim of trailer fraud.
#1 : "Boy that film sucked !"
#2 " Yeah, wtf did we just watch ?"
#1 : "Dunno, the trailer looked good."
Both : "Trailer Fraud !"
by HudsonDuster November 22, 2009
1. When a trailer to a movie shows something different than the movie is actually about.
2. When a trailer just shows the best parts of the movie, so when you see it, its a let down.
Jill: I just saw the Hannah Montana Movie!
Liz: How was it?
Jill: It was such a Trailer Fraud !
In the trailer it says she will have to choose either miley or hannah.
At the end of the movie, she keeps both
Liz: Aww, what a Let down
by KnowItAllBiyotch November 25, 2009
When white people in one neighborhood use an address for a family member in a different trailer park so their child can to go to a better trailor park school.
Misrepresenting citizenship status constitutes Trailer Fraud. Residents in states seceding from the union cannot apply for FEMA trailors without disclosing their true identities and citizenship status.
by prettyricki66 November 17, 2012
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