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The large hole found on a tree. Trees are alive so they must also have vaginas. Hence, tragina.
Bob and I were taking a walk in the park when we spotted this humongous tragina starring us dead in the face. We were curiously aroused.

I get horny in the forest with so many traginas.
by TheVaginaMaster July 27, 2009
8 2
A tragina is a tragic vagina.
Staci called Muffy in tears.

"Micky just boinked me, and then told me he was dumping me," she sobbed, "I've got a tragina!"
by scodder May 15, 2010
5 7
A freshly established 'gina on a man after surgery.
Gant, have you seen Swindle's new tragina?
by Sam Yun October 17, 2010
0 3
a group of three large girls, that touch each other inappropriately
oh my god, those girls are so large, and theyre touching each other...they must be tragina
by Iceberg that sunk titanic July 26, 2008
2 8