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A term for describing something so tragic, not right, and straight up wrong. When you need a term stronger than the previously mentioned words to describe something that is horrendous, crazy, or just plain stupid.
DAMN!!! She has 6 kids by 6 baby daddies, and she's pregnant with her 7th by daddy number 7!!! That's Tragic City!!!

Icy Mike was talking shit, and got beat up real bad like Hopkins did Tarver!!! That's the 3rd time this month!!! That's Tragic City!!!
by DarkMessiah1974 April 07, 2011

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a city in the northwest corner of michigan's lower peninsula, known for it's casino's hotels,cherries,a nice place to visit or live: real name traverse city
im hittin fer slots, bouncin to tragic
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003