A term used to describe a fantasy football trade in which one team recieves a much better player or players. This term may also apply to other fantasy sports.
Cody was trade raped by Ryan when he traded Ryan Grant for Anquan Boldin.
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by TheBiggestBossYouveSeenThusFar November 19, 2009
Top Definition
To be taken advantage of in a most foul way while playing fantasy sports.

According to the FX show "The League", it is when a completely lopsided trade offer in a fantasy sport is accepted. It typically opens happens to n00bs.
Person 1: I just pulled off a sweet deal in my Football league.

Person 2: Nice, who'd you get?

Person 1: I got Jamarcus Russell and traded Peyton Manning.

Person 2: Dude, you just got trade raped.
#taken #got got #gypped #cheated #ripped off
by MarWash November 20, 2009
The process of making an awful trade in fantasy football.
John- Dude, I just got Plaxico Buress for Ronnie Brown from Kevin!

Steve- Man, you got trade raped. Plaxico Buress is in jail for like 3 years.
#fantasy #football #sports #rape #trade
by TebowTime January 08, 2011
A fantasy football trade where one team constantly makes horrible trades that rape his teams roster. Some owners perform such a trade to "spite" other league members when really they are only ruining their own teams chances. Trade rape is prominent in the Asian community.
Trade Rape 1: Ryan Grant and Sidney Rice for Malcolm Floyd

Trade Rape 2: Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, Joseph Addai for Ben Roethlisberger, Cedric Benson, Knowshon Moreno, Mario Manningham

Trade Rape 3: Jermichael Finley for Darren Sproles and Dallas Clark

Any trade completed by a franchise known as Out of Spite.
#trade rape #fantasy football #asians #football #toby #no macedonia #out of spite
by No Macedonia Commish October 07, 2011
What Brian Parker routinely does to Carl Spano.
Carl: I just traded Arian Foster for Mike Vick and Ryan Mathews.

Me: Dude, Vick and Mathews are the two most injury-prone players. Was this consensual or was this full-blown Trade Rape?

Carl: No, and he said that if I tell anyone, he'll hurt my family.
#trape rape #fantasy football #espn #unwanted relations #turrible
by dozdemcrucialboyz November 18, 2013
In a fantasy sports league, one sophisticated and knowledgeable participant takes advantage of a more naive participant by making a trade which is far more beneficial to the former.
Want to make a trade?
No! You totally traderaped me last season!
I didn't traderape you! I gave you Vick for Adrian Peterson.
You didn't tell me Michael Vick was in prison.
#trade rape #traderaped #traderapist #tradefuck #tradefucked
by LongLiveElCunado June 25, 2011
an unequal trade of people within a workplace to different shifts and/or departments leaving the previous spot filled by a person with less experienced/unqualified person
Person C was moved from nights to days and person K took Person C's spot on nights. Person K is not half as good as person C, therefore night shift got Trade Raped
#trade #rape #work #unequal #unqualified
by namsdraeh December 18, 2010
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