A good NBA basketball player who has a girl's first name.
Why didn't Tracy McGrady's mother name him something more manly, like Samantha?
by RexGibson February 08, 2004
the best god-damned basketball playa out thurr. Tim Duncan Kobe Shaq aint got shit on T-Mac. Tim Duncan's fat ass suck
"Yo you see Tracy McGrady score 62 points last night?"
by T-Mac April 30, 2004
a man who wants to win a playoff but cant take his crappy little team past the 1st round
Tracy McGrady could have won a playoff by now if he didnt stab his cousin in the back and stay with Toronto, they would be the hell good team
by B-Mount November 12, 2003
to be tossed out of the first round of the NBA playoffs for 6 straight years.
by tassy August 14, 2003
Tracy McGrady the best player in the NBA way better than that little bitch Kobe Bryant n Tim Duncan n carrys his team the magic n also should have been the MVP
Tracy McGrady omg hes so much better than Kobe
by uknown May 08, 2003
Hands Down the best player to ever play the game of Basketball.From Orlando actually it's Aurburndale he is my all time favorite athleteand he will have 5 Rings(NBA championships)7 M.V.P's and TD,KG,Shaq,Melo,D-Wade,Kobe,MJ,VC,AI,& LeBron will never be compared to him Again
5 Allstar Games
2 Soring titles
1 T-Mac
by T-Mac Jr July 14, 2005
To make a premature statement or prediction.
"It feels great to be going to advance past the first round" - One-dimensional bonehead Tracy McGrady, after his team went up 3-1 in the 1st round of the 2003 playoffs. His team went on to lose in 7 games.
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
sexy balla of tha orlando magic
tha best muthafucka in tha nba
Tracy is so damn sexy
by sista November 16, 2003
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