out in one.
by cool D August 14, 2003
Actually mcgrady never said this...Detroit newspapers switched the words out..."It feels great to be going to advance past the first round" - One-dimensional bonehead Tracy McGrady, after his team went up 3-1 in the 1st round of the 2003 playoffs. His team went on to lose in 7 games.

Detroit newspapers try to make Tracy Mcgrady look bad
by fan11 July 01, 2003
Great basketball player who was rookie of the year, 6 time all-star, two time MVP, two time finals MVP, two time NBA Champion...oh wait thats T-Mac thats Tim Duncan...T-Mac hasn't wonm SHIT...dont diss TD
T-mac should come to San Antonio
by Dre July 16, 2003
cock eyed basketball player
number 1 on the rockets
by doh_boy_cliqa March 07, 2005
the next Kevin Garnett can't ever go past the first round in the playoffs they both suck /KOBE and SHAQ rule
Man, Tracy McGrady never will lead his sucky-ass team past the first round
by JJ Law August 28, 2003
cross-eyed mellon headed dufus.
by cool D August 14, 2003

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