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Tractor Girl Soup is a phrase you say when you either cannot decide on something or you don't want to say yes or no due to the result of possibly hurting the asker's feelings.

Tractor Girl Soup is from the movie The Crazies. A scene that involves a tractor and a guy and girl which ends up making them look like soup. (guts and blood everywhere)

It's just a funny, very random answer you give to anyone if the question they asked has the qualities of the above description.
Guy: We've been together for a while..Will you marry me?
Girl: Err...Tractor Girl Soup...

Person 1: Hey! Welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order?
Person 2: Umm..Tractor Girl Soup, Tractor Girl Soup..uh..Tractor..Tractor..Soup..I'll have the Big Mac.
by Hyposane March 09, 2010
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