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Toys Hill, situated in north kent, is a lovely countryside villiage, most notable for its sssi woodland, protected by the national trust who will not hesitate to shank any mans who dare to snap twigs off listed trees. The average age of TH citizens is 65; of around 2000 residents there is about 5 breres under 20 years of age. It is home to the THC crew, renound for their love of the dank sticky-icky shit, native to the surrounding decidious woodlands. THC now has only a mere four breres, due to homies of the realm getting gunned down by Tatters waste-mans back in '02. THC brederins have a united hatred of the arch-namesis foes of the T-side Massive of Tatsfield, engaged in gang wars for precious TN16 turf since the dawn of existance. THC-gang members are easily recognised by their orange bandannas under purple flatcaps, timberlands, and their carrying or mac-lls and brass knuckles.
Tatters waste-man 1: look its the THC kingpin, from toys hill, quick grab your glock and fight for tatsfield glory!

Tatters waste-man 2: nah alow it man, iv nearly reached level 69 on WOW, plus my cornmeal is almost finished simmering
by thorin oakenshield June 14, 2007
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