Toyota® (N): Cars with great gas milage, stiff suspension and a gas pedal with a mind of its own. Will kill 90% of america when it Kamikaze's into a house or 7/11. Floor mats for comfort could cause brain damage. remember to drive a toyota you have to learn left foot braking/ rally driving.
i was driving my grandma and that bitch wouldnt shut up. i told her to get out and look at the hood of my car and my gas pedal "got stuck" and i hit her. damn toyota killed my grandma.
by Gerstec March 15, 2010
Very reliable japanese car company Toyota, known for great quality, fuel efficient sedans, and the infamous MR2 and Toyota Supra. FYI the supra is a ride that is easy on the gas, and wil flatten any muscle car in a race (not counting drag, but then, any idiot can take a '67 with automatic transmission and floor it at the stoplight)
Generally better than any of the crap american car companies (Not counting Saleen, Callaway, Shelby and DeLorean - Those at least had style/performance/uniqueness)(apologies for any errors, typing on a laptop and the keyboard is wierd)
Jimmy has a '69 mustang, joe has a Toyota MR2
They go race at a track, NOT a straight loser/drag-strip. Joe wins, even though he has a ~150 HP disadvantage. Jimmy then bitches that it wasnt fair, that joe had sabotaged him by having a lighter more efficient and stylish ride. Joe then kills jimmy for being a douchebag, and sells the shitty mustang as scrap metal.
by StefX to the Max December 30, 2007
toyota made for 2foot8 midgets that can see 180 degrees with them eyes
by cordy23 April 12, 2006
Toyota is a piece of shit car that comes from japan that only losers, poor people, or illegal immergrants drive
did you see that shitty toyota tundra that dan bought?
by Shan-a-fer January 03, 2008
Overrated Japanese car company that cons ignorant americans into thinking their cars are made in the USA just because they "assemble" a couple of them here. Build assembly plants in the southern states to avoid paying their workers a decent wage & to avoid the UAW.Bland boring cars & trucks that cant survive longer than 5 years in the north due to cronic rust out.
Pick one they all suck.
by Kevin December 10, 2004
a peice of shit car that has crappy little 4 bangers and look like shit. retards build these into rice burners to impress ladys but they prob have small penis's to spend 20k on a 15k car. why dont you go out and just buy a nice car like a vet or classic car with a 427 big block it dose the same job, is american and shows that you have some style.
look at that tricked out toyota that big wing and huge tires may mean that guy is trying to make up for something
by bradythebassist March 19, 2006
A Japanese automobile manufacturer which produces reliable, high-quality, fuel-efficient, but boring cars. In concert with Honda, it helped to bring about the long decline in the fortunes of the Big 3 Detroit manufacturers, due to it's superior quality and reliability. However, now that the Big 3 manufacturers have largely caught up in terms of reliability, Toyota and Honda's purpose has been served. American cars will eventually re-take their rightful spot atop the automobile manufacturing hierarchy, due to their ability to develop appealing cars. No Japanese car company has been able to come up with a hot car like the Camaro, Mustang, Corvette or Viper. Japanese companies do not have the creativity that American companies do, and therefore, will never take market leadership for long.
Toyota Camry, Corolla, Echo, Prius.
by JawsOfLife September 15, 2007
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