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Toyfriends are more than fuck buddies, but less than boyfriends. They care for each other, they can be very affectionate and intimate and socialise openly besides just having sex, but both of them are free to see other people and discuss that openly with each other. There is no nuance of age or domination in the term toyfriend, as there is in toyboy.
My toyfriend Simon called me the other day to tell me about some bad sex he had after a date. I told him I'd make up for it on Sunday after going with him to the cinema and that I had missed him.
#toyfriend #relationship #boyfriends #sex #toyboy
by One2b December 17, 2009
A guy who really wants you who you keep around to give you rides & buy you stuff but you don't legitimately put out to
Jess is totally keeping Dave around as a toyfriend, he drives her everywhere but there's no way she's letting him hit that
#toy friend #toy-friend #toy #boy toy #boytoy #mantoy
by JERZZeee December 19, 2010
The person (usually a good friend) who knows where you keep your sex toys and - if you are ever in an accident or worse - is charged with the duty of getting to your house before your family with the express purpose of packing up your toys and removing them from the premises.
Since you're my toyfriend, you should know that my collection of ball gags, dildos and shackles are all kept in the bottom drawer of the right nightstand.
#toy friend #toys #toy-friend #boyfriend #toefriend
by hockeygir62 March 11, 2015
Guys snapped up by girls who are in between guys. They are only being dated because of the girl's complete insecurity. Often, the guy has had a burning crush on the girl in question and is willing to let her repeatedly dump him and date him again in return for physical affection.
"Didn't you say yesterday that John doesn't believe in hygiene? I thought that was why you weren't going out with him..."

"It was."

"But now you're dating him??"

"Relax. He's just a toyfriend. In fact, I don't even plan to let him get to first base."
#boy toy #boyfriend #friend zone #fwb #ugly
by Lina_Starr_4 February 19, 2012
A boytoy that is cool enough to not only have sex with but hang out with and be seen in public with. A toyfriend is not to be introduced to others as your boyfriend. This is a guy that if circumstances (married,attached,business travel, life goals, financial status, age difference, children) were different would be boyfriend material.
He's more than a boytoy to me he is good enough to be a toyfriend.
by WAZ April 23, 2003
A friend with sexual benefits. Sometimes it's a boy on the side, sometimes it's the stage right before you make him your boyfriend.
Is he your boyfriend?

Answer: No, we're just messing around. He's my toyfriend.
#boyfriend #boy toy #friend with benefits #sexual partner #hooking up
by SaraStarr October 30, 2008
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