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A begginer to graffiti and better known for stealing cars, shoplifting, getting in fights and shit. They are just there for better writers to have fun with, aka, they are a toy.
look at that fuckers style, he's a toy mother fucker.

put your throw up over that toy bitch.
by Staciemomslova94 December 12, 2008
the entirety of existence since kids will play with anything.
tommy had a great job, until billy who was six years old found out about tommy's affair with his secretary and billy thought it would be fun to announce to everyone this secret. billy toyed with tommy's life.
by virionspiral August 10, 2010
A male who often flirts and receives return flirts from good looking female art teachers.
"Dude, Will's flirting with the teacher"
"He's Such a toy!"
by WIALAM August 25, 2009
Abbreviated text message for Thinking Of You.
by Travel Girl October 29, 2008
Used to desribe someone as an ameteur or new to something. Can also mean uncool in general. Not good at any sort of hip hop-ish thing like spitting or graffiti etc. Someone that tries to hard at something they only do to look cool.
-He is a toy man, he's so crap at spitting
-He's toy at writing boy.
by Billy Christmas January 26, 2007
to mess with a persons feelings
You better not toy with me.
by tvfreak2020 July 09, 2003
Used to describe a graffiti writer because,

1. They don't possess the necessary creative skills

2. They bite other graffiti writers style and/or letters

3. They don't understand the culture and piss on it

4. They haven't earned the right not to be called a toy
AVERT and ERABIK are toys in all sense of the word.
by CincinnatiKid January 10, 2010