A graffiti artists term for a novice. More experienced graffiti artists will often write "toy" next to the tag or graf of the novice.
That fuckin' toy threw up some shitty tag over my graf.
by THORNE ¥ August 09, 2004
Any paraphernalia such as a dildo, cock ring, or strap on that can be used while having sex with your partner to spice things up a bit. (or on your own)
Before getting started person A used a plug on person B so that when person A went down on person B, person B had a more intense orgasm
by the games guru February 24, 2004
punk,bitch ass nigga, someone with no sense
Yo peep that toy nigga talking like he bi.
by Insist February 17, 2015
A Toy.. Some one whos bombing/writing Steez is just complete Crap!! Also known as a anatimate object...

You have the power to play with that toy(Give him life) Or break that toy and throw him in the bin(End his writing career).. Basicly some one who thinks there a king at graffiti or disrespects ways of graffiti yet really when it comes down to it there nothing.. They will easily give there paint up when pressure is applied or nark you ou to the pigs... They dont Rack/steal there paint they buy there paint!!
Those DK Cunts from hawkes bay are fucken TOYS!! RTS KILL/DESTROY Them on the regular!! Those DK Cunts are toys they have no respect for the graffiti scene!! Them FTS toys Are Shit they have no steez Those toys have spent so much money on paint!!
by Rek.The.Sekta July 23, 2013
A inexperience Breaker, Rapper or Writer anyone new to the hiphop scene who has really no clue, usually only used on people who really have no interest in what there doing and only do it cause thats what there "mates" do.

Plus there Crap
"Look at his mills, meh there toy"

"Shit that piece is crap, Yeh beat its done by some toy"

"Omg its a freestyle who you doing a written, You toy"
by VisOne March 24, 2003
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