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A person who doesn't have can control, no style, not even up anywhere. does really crappy pieces. all graffit art done by a toy look like it is mocking graffiti art.

the one who fucks up your piece cuz he think you were dissing him cuz you went over that his chicken scratch tag with a bigass piece.

The dude who don't leave a name behind after dissing.
fuck a toy!!
by DigDug March 08, 2004
See synonyms at tool.
That kid is always used by Mr. Smith. He's such a toy.
by C Snover March 19, 2004
A Crappy Japanese make car, which is primarily driven by wiggers. Often revered to as Toyota.
Yo, check out troy in his toy!
"oh he is such a wigger"

Wigger 1: "yo homey! hop along for a ride"
Bro 1: "no way man, I ain't getting in that shit toy of yours!"
by Crazy_M August 09, 2006
a person who is a little on the joker side....a fool or a just a stupid cunt
Jac Randal
by remo November 02, 2003
something that is crap or shit ... used by coasties in OZ
that was so toy... next time get da good shit
by $$$$$$$ March 24, 2005
hypodermic syringe used for intravenous drug injection.
before we get off,I'll need to get my toys
by dave the conehead February 26, 2008