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The best possible way to end a great movie Trilogy.

The Movie responsible for making adults cry over pieces of plastic.
You: Yeah I just came back from seeing Toy Story 3. I got a piece of lint in my eye at the end though.
by Jeffdaalien June 26, 2010
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The 3ed movie in the epic trilogy that is Toy Story. Granted that the first movie came out in 1995, it is eagerly viewed by kids and adults alike.
Person 1: Did you see Toy Story 3 opening day?
Person 2: Yeah. Had to push some 2nd graders out of the way, but it was so worth it!
by HappyCupcake101 June 28, 2010
a story about true love and finding out who you're true friends are.
winner of the 2010 Oh-My-God-Tears-Are-Crying Award.
John: Did you see Toy Story 3?
Jill: Yeah, then I ate three gallons of ice cream and cried on the couch for three hours.
John: I had the same reaction.
by simoneasaursrex June 19, 2011
The third Toy Story making up a trilogy. Andy grows up to be a college kid and then blows up his toys and sents them to a preschool to make the little kids eat their asses. Then Ken tries to hook up a whore named Barbie. Ken is plastic douchebag who uses the oil from BP to color his hair. Buzz lightyear is a space ranger currently on UrAnus. This movie came out nationwide 2 days ago.
Toy Story 3 is back after 11 years.

Toy Story 3 includes new characters.
by Jimamru Ashnard June 20, 2010
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