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Military term used to describe a type of leadership that gets short term results. A toxic leader is usually in good shape and let's everyone know it. He will often hold his personal physical fitness gains above your head.

A toxic leader is also known to use intimidation and threats to achieve their endgame. These leaders will also tend to be of a different racial background then Caucasian and therefore utilize equal opportunity threats to keep you on your toes.

Toxic leaders have a secret love for "gingers" or amazingly strong, beautiful, and intelligent red haired individuals.

Also referred to as infections, brutal, blind, or Shedrick leadership.
Hey bro have you talked to that new NCO at the aid station?

Yeah I talked with him this morning he just kept going on about how jacked up everyone is and his pt score. He's a total Shedrick.

All we get here lately is toxic leadership
by TexasGinger December 24, 2013
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