someone who socializes where other people who live in town socialize.. one who knows all the hot spots in town.
hey! dont' be a towny and go to the same old bar.. lets go camping instead.
by Rozel August 20, 2005
Related to coopers. Burbs of the back of a lorry. Unemplyoed scum of the earth!
Nikki Mckenzie
by Fo Lee December 05, 2003
A towny can be alot of things, these change depending on the area in which they live. Basically they are what can be described as Common and disorderly. Typical British!
In general a man towny would wear dirty Reebok classics in which their usually fat feet spill out of. Trackies from last years summer sale and are now ripped at the bottom and stained with curry, beer and paint. Polo tops in pink or white again dirty looking. The Women wear bootcut jeans that look as though they have been attacked by a dog at the ends and have all sorts of marks on them from grass-stains to last nights dinner. They wear these with a pair of cheap, plastic looking, black stilleto boots and a low cut top. Along with a bag off of the market they really do look a treat!! The women could also sometimes be described as new-lookers.

These townies are the jeremy kyle type, with 7 children all from different fathers. The highlight of their year is some football match or another where they all fly out in big groups to a foreign place and give a lovely impression of the british!! Fish and chips every night apart from a saturday when they order in an indian. Their children have several asbos each and all began binge drinking at 10.
by Livvy W*** March 16, 2008
n. Male, attends Virginia Tech, starts parties and also ends them (usually by breaking things), completely awesome in whatever he does, rarely attends class, he is always downtown, and lives off his parents money. Sleeps during the day, watches cartoons, and like full flavored beer (PBR)
Towny is so awesome, I hope he never graduates.
by John Townsend May 02, 2007
someone who is like a chav, but without the bad attitude
person: look at that that chav!!
towny: wat ya sayin? i wanna be ur m8!!

(well, maybe not)
by louis louway March 13, 2007
Like a Chav, but from the Midland area of England. (Chav being the Southern version, Northerner being the Northern version).
Look at those townies!! Theyre just boy-racers who can't afford cars! Still, at least theyre not chavs or northerners.
by Pride of the Middle-class March 09, 2005
its da shit on ur shoes.
da redbrick crew are mongs and da fuckers on the edward tyler are knobs.
by Jessie April 13, 2004
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