All other entries I have seen for the definition of 'townies' seem to be describing chavs. Townies do not wear tracksuits or burberry, they wear what is in fashion yes, but in a less noticeable and in a more decent way then chavs. They do not mind people who are not townies and will be mates with goths, grunges, skaters etc.
Chav: Oh my God you stupid goth I'm gunna kick the shit outta you and I don't know you!
Townie: *ignores goth* OR if they know them
Heya you alright?
by Queen of Random June 30, 2005
a person who favours shiny clothes, normally tracksuits, with large labels and logo's showing wherever possible. Trousers must not cover top of shoes, and a cap, angled skywards, may be worn over short hair. smoking, drinking, and graffiti may be common activities, in attempt to look good... but misserably failin like a little bitch!
poof 1:fuckin townys, always pissin on the street, lets go kick some ass man!!
poof 2: no, remember last time, they smell, and they looked so ashamed afterwards!! they just need a good buggering!!
by kevin October 30, 2003
me bein a townie myself i fink this is aloada bullshite!!!! get a fukin life a finkppl"goth" ava lota beta finks t do instead ov writin shit stuff on ere dissin townies...piss me rite off man!
all goths seem t fink all townies do is sit at a bus stop all nite...BUT WE DNT!! yea might drink alota but hey ya only live once!
by Roxy February 13, 2005
there is shit all wrong with townies not all townies are the same its just the diked 1s who think there big and walking around starting fights givin them a bad name most townies are ok if u give them a chance if u ask most townies they say they hate bein townies but its the way they are
not all are bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by loe life:( August 05, 2004
not all townies are bad the good 1s are being steroe typed because most goths,greebos,skaters etc think they are all the same townies are getin bad names because of the diked townies who walk round thinking there all it sum off me mates are sharrons an they are lovely people to no expecially when sharrons are startin on ya they no what to do cus they are 1 lol
not all townies are bad!!!!!
by manson rulzxx:) August 05, 2004
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