A cunt, a bender a cocksuking uncultured inbred with an IQ rarely exceeding 60
Towny1- Ya fookin startin moit?
Towny2- I think e is
Towny3- Lets knife the pikey!
Pikey(suffolk word for moshers)- I carnt be arsed fighting 7 of you, run!
note- in a fair fight a towny woul get his arse kicked (suprisingly townies rarely start fair fights)
by Brunstang December 07, 2003
older men who drink in pups around the town center.
hoggy, treg, billy.
by rachy November 27, 2003
yeh most townie girls are slags an act all big but not all off them are like that im classed as a sharron but into rock and heavy metal an i dont go around with all me bling bling on i think gold sucks and i dont wear named shit like nike,reeboke,armani,mochino etc and im still classed as a sharron an 4 some reason i hate being classed as a sharron i havent got a problem with any1 and hate sterotyping an that crap an i dont use slang words or anything either and i dont lisen to rap or rnb or shit but still get called a sharron yet i dont dress as a sharron or act like 1 i mostly dress as a rocker lol so not all people class things the same:(
they all go around starting on 1 another 4 no aparant reason what so ever an walking round going wogwarn bro wats happenin an wasuppppppp an what u starin at man whats with the word man!!!!
by loe life:( August 05, 2004
noun: toothless hillbilly
wow look at that towny.. man thesse hicks are nastayyy
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
townies r wanka's. they think they r hard but aren't most r mummy boys hu still wet there pants. no1 likes this kind. have u noticed that all townies r thick ugly and stupid all at the same time, even though they have no talent copin wiv that must b hard. the townie often thinks there not 1 of us there a goth but it aint tru u stupid wanka's get ova urself ur ugly stupid, fat and ur crappy gold reingd cnt fit ova ur fat fingers so fuk off and get a life!!!
taylor hail!'i'm gonna fuk ur face' oooh deary me i think u meant fuk ur face up u thicko!!!!!! 'im gonna bang u out' pls dnt u dnt have anything there to bang me out wiv u hobo!!
by Emily January 26, 2005
people who dance around with rags and sing the hoky poky while other people r callin um bitches.
look those bitches are doing the hocky poky!
by i figit February 08, 2004
a townie is not some one who wears trackies thats a chav. Townies are like upper class chav they wear paul and shark, Henry lloyd, stone island and other such makes that arnt cheap and only in the grasp of upper class chavs known as TOWNIES.
a townies are people who walks like there all that, and talks a bit like a chav but doesnt ask if they can borrow 50p
by shaun thomas November 21, 2005
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