People between the ages of 9-19 that wear tracksuits usually purchased for £5 at the local market.The males will wear stripped jumpers that make them look like escaped convicts(which most of them are)these jumpers will be baby blue and navy in colour.Or alternativly will wear hooded tops with the name of several american cities plastered across the front eg.Boston/NYC/Detroit.They will wear white or navy track-suit bottoms with either red or fake burberry socks that were purchased at the local market for £1.50.These socks will be tucked into their tracksuit bottoms.A baseball cap will be worn with the peak verticaly above their heads for no reason what-so-ever.The females will wear similar hooded tops in white/cream/baby blue/baby pink with fake brands of FCUK/Tommy Hilfiguer plastered on the front these tops will also have been purchased at the local market for £5.They will also wear white/navy tracksuit bottoms or invariably tight jeans.Both sex's will where astonishing amounts of tacky soverein rings/clown fob pendants/3inch chains.The females will often be seen pregnant or pushing around a pram with 3/4 other small children following for around the age of 12.These children will usually be called names such as Chantel/Santilla/Tallon/Tyrese.The males will be seen in riot vans/police cars or any other such form of restraint.Both sexes will be seen standing on a street corner with large bottles of cheap cider and they will start a fight with anyone within a 100 mile radius that isnt in their posse/crew/massive(these are their stupid names for their group of friends/incestial family)
Townies will often be heard saying the following
*Orrrr Norr
*Ya Mam
*R U Callin Ma Mam?
*R U Startin Me U?
*Get 'ere u lil twat am gunna lay u out
*Chantel get back ere u u fuckin twat
*Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck (for lack of a better word.)
by *Hannah* January 31, 2004
townies, chavers, pikies, n.e.d's (non educated dilincuents), anti grungers (look that 1 up 2) wat ever u wanna call um they exist. they say all the dumbest words under the sun which they make up, some of there language comes from cockney slang or enviornmentle teachings, but i h8 most of um as we all do, there not the kinda people u want ur son to tern out like, now i hav a few townie frineds but there not so bad, josh green is a good example. but basicly a townie is som1 who weres brand makes like nike, adidas, umbro, "TN" and all of that. also a true typicaly stereo typ townie will go round and be an ass, pick fights with anyone who comes there way. but there are nice townies like josh green who is a good hounest person, but sometimes he says hes not a townie as even he knows wat there like, so yea, if ur a proper townie ur a basterd. end of.
oi oi mushtie im gonna bang u down a back allie much innit,
(is typical townie talk meaning im going 2 beat u up)
urk. ppl who wear tracksuits (evry day) an tops dat say "BOSTON" who knows y. they hang round shopping centres, not buying n e thing apart from a big mac. girl townies ave fake louie vuiton bags that r the size of ur hand. sum of them have dummies, hung round their necks on string (in amongst the keys and phone also hangind there), probably for their 3 children. boy townies have fake burbery caps pointin to da sun (although they mostly come out at night, like wearwolves), so therefor there is no point of them.they ride little bikes, so their knees touch their chin.they think theyre "wicked man init" but "naaarrrrrrr mannnnn dey aint init"
townie 1 : so like wat dya wanna do?
townie 2 : u startin on me? u startin?????? u want some BEEF?
townie 1 : oooooo u wan some beef i givin ya some BEEF"!!!!!!
passer-by : do you think he is offering that boy a burger?
townie 1 and 2 : ya startin on me????? i bash ya up maaannnnn !
by lilly August 03, 2004
1. Someone who lives in 'town' and has adopted every mental and social flaw associated with overcrowded living conditions.
2. People who try to constantly start fights to show how hard they are - this is actually a huge irony as they're cowardly bastards that will run away unless their group of 'geezers' outnumbers yours at least 10 to 1.
3. People who drive XR3i's, or escorts with a stolen XR3i logo superglued onto the back.
4. People who work in factories because they are stupid, and they need to earn a lot of money doing a shit job to finance their Helly Hansen wardrobe and other various 'mush' outfits.
5. Retards beyond redemption that -hate- free thinking people who don't read The Sun newspaper.
Ah fuck, cross the road there's a horde of knuckledragging townies walking this way.

You can't go out for a pint these days without some townie prick starting a fight.

I used to like this girl until I realised that she's a fucking dozy townie slapper.
by Wez May 03, 2004
Fuckers!!!!Full of it wen theyr wit their "crew" but scared shitless wen theyr by themselves. Give themselves stupid names and think theyr hard as nefink. Widely hated by every1 who is not a towny.
Kill the fukin chav.
by Vicki January 11, 2005
Townies r losers
they can be classed as toiletpaper cos i wud relli like 2 wipe mi ass with them ,filthy pikey pricks...
Townie: come on then u crusty beetch!
Grunger: u talkin 2 me?
Townie: yeh man! i cud ave u anyday!
Grunger: relli, well den come over ere and gimmie wut u got fucker
*townie walks over and throws punch at grunger which hits him in the mouth*
Grunger: oh im sorri, have u started?
Townie: yeh man i can see u cryin!
Grunger: cryin? wut the fuck?
*grunger, in a flash of lightning, smashes fist into townies face*
Townie: i'm gonna get mi mum on u!
*townie runs away crying*
by ..::T.. January 08, 2005
if u see a townie, kill it b4 it opens its mouth. if it does they r tryin 2 insult u.
townie1: lets go pull innit!
townie2: i can't, ma sis is at ome waitin 4 me
townie1: buzzin innit
by townie hunter October 19, 2004
people who live in towns, wear exactly the same clothes (girls: tight tops, hair pulled back in high ponytails using extensive amounts of spray, pedal pushers, white trainers, fake louis vuitton bags in which you can only fit a pe. guys: burberry caps which defy gravity and point upwards, addidas/reebok/nike clothes.)
they like to think they're very cool and hard etc etc, swear all the time and pretend to be things they're not e.g. non-virgins, cool.
as a group in general, they seem to have forgotten the existence of consonants. (dashes indicate missing consonants in their speech)
loke, she woz to-allie fi-, ma-e, yeah, and she woz so fuckin- fi-e, ma-e, ya shoulda seen -er, ma-e, innit?

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