When a man gets a huge boner.. so big and raging infact, you could hang a heavy, wet towel on it!
Liam: Dam I dropped my towel.. now I have to bend down to reach it, Ooh wait.. I dont have to.. My raging boner caught it!

haha.. I have a natural towel rack.
#boner #rod #hard one #towel dryer #catcher
by welshguy January 17, 2010
Top Definition
n.- when a man gets a boner in the shower and, after drying off, can drop the wet towel and have his penis catch it and hold it
John: wow, did you see Joe in the showers?? he's hung like a horse! i watched him show off by doing the towel rack as he walked out.
by Utt July 09, 2005
When your Ex girlfriend's aunt is hot, she is a towelrack, your ex grilfriend, that is
man my ex is a towelrack, she has such a hot aunt
#booty #ramp #launch #boost #towel #rack #ricer #steak
by beinstein October 26, 2006
Rack used to hang up towels.
Person: "I have a rack that I use to hang up towels on, therefore it is a towel rack."
by Evil October 18, 2003
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