Cousin to the snowplow, while doing a girl in doggy style, you knock out her elbows, then instead of driving her forward int the head board or across the carpet, you back up while repeating "beep beep beep."
I snowplowed her to the headboard, but managed to dent her bumper in the process, so I had to call in the tow truck. She's in the rug burn unit of the hospital now. It was soooo worth it.
by I-fie Alian July 10, 2008
When both balls are in her ass and the truck is in her pussy.
I tow trucked the shit out of Sally last night. My balls just slid right in.
by Scott Meadows June 02, 2007
A women who is mentally fragile - she is on her way to a break down.
That chick has just hit 30 and like all chicks that hit 30 and are single she is desperately looking for a bloke and is very on edge, she could melt down any moment - she is such a tow truck.
by GmanDownUnder September 16, 2010
A Truck that Helps people with Car Problems and is always there to help you 24/7 days A week No Matter What if you're Car is Broken it will tow it for you to get it Fix.or if you're Car is parked next to something where it doesn't belong the Tow Truck will Tow it Away.
Jack Says Those son of A bitches Just Towed My new 2005 Ford Focus!
by So-So May 30, 2005
A truck that Helps Tows Broken down cars and other Vehilces From Accidents on the road.
Jack Calls a tow truck cause his car is broken.
by OmG-YoU-KilleD-KennY May 28, 2005
Nasty Second Cousin to the Dirty Sanchez; When one inserts his finger into his lady friend's rectum and pulls her toward himself.
She kept creepin' forward so I gave her the tow truck and made her come right back.
by Tow Truck Driver69 October 09, 2011
Its some thing you do to one of your friends as a joke and beleive me this shit is funny / you walk up behind them when they are not paying attention and you grab there balls from behind and pull them on to their face because they cant put there hands up to catch themselves so they fall on there face.
John(sneeking up behind josh...)

John: towtrucks josh

josh: oh fuck man that shit isn't cool i couldnt catch myself from falling.

josh (fuck now my face and my balls hurt!)
by fuckin asshole May 07, 2008

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