A Crazy man who yells and curses.
The Tourettes Guy is crazy for instance he was yelling at his son and saying "Go count your dick!!!" He also thinks the sink food grinding thing sounds like chewbacca taking a shit.
by miniferko August 24, 2006
A world famous Tourettes sufferer who has his own website. He has been featured in an MTV commercial, quoted on Conan O'Brien and honoured by Marilyn Manson and his crew.

The guy who wrote the first definition here used to go by the name Suebee Stalker. He was a former Admin on the TG forums, and was banned from the site for attempting to erase the forums. He's just jealous that TG is more popular than he is.
"We started watching a website called tourette's guy. I don’t really care if he really has tourette's. I personally think he sounds like me when I get drunk, because I say some very obscene and strange things that don’t make any sense." - as quoted recently in an interview with Marilyn Manson
by Big admin February 04, 2008
Famous mostly for his discovery that pissing out the window and shitting out the window are two completely different things. After been in jail for 2 years, he threatens to sue Comcast.
Tourettes Guy: Pissing out the window and shitting out the window ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS !!!!!

Tourettes Guy (after return): What the BULL FUCKING HELL is a 'franchise fee' of four dollars, six two cents !
by EagleYS January 12, 2010
1) a youtube bamf named danny who may or may not have tourette's syndrome, but is undeniably hilarious.

Kid- Dad there's some white stuff on the floor.
Tourette's Guy- THAT'S MY ASS!
by spankwise August 27, 2010
An internet hero with tourettes syndrome, known for many great quotes. He often makes up his own curse words.
Tourettes Guy: My ass could write better music than you, with one cheek tied behind my balls.

Tourettes Guy: I don't have time for this "chicken shit bullshit"
by RobBob November 14, 2006
This beloved character has very recently passed away. He still is an internet icon, with an enormous cult following. He is recognized for his foul language, neckbrace, (sometimes) wheelchair, mustache, and glasses. He will be sorely missed by myself, and millions of others. He died in his sleep, about a month after a car accident. Tourettes Guy, 1964-2007.
Tourettes Guy: "Why don't you make like a banana, and SHIT!!!"

Tourettes Guy: (On phone with Colgate employee)"I bought your Colgate toothpaste, the one with tartar control, and it made me feel, LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT!!!

I will miss you tourettes guy! May you rest in peace.

Go to YouTube or Google videos for tourettes guy clips. Tourettesguy.com is taking a few weeks of no videos in respect, but go there to read details of what's happened, and Complete Tourettes Guy DVD information
by Mbleh August 21, 2007
A man who did not REALLY have tourettes, instead he acted like it for a while, then faked his death to stop having to bring shame on him and his family.

He's known to be funny, and spout random things, though it's all a big act.

It's another fad that people liked, then it got overboard.
The Tourettes Guy is alive and well.
by Da Milkman July 05, 2009

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