In a stand-up 69 position, the giver drops the givee in a pile-drivesk maneuver headfirst to the floor. Please note, giver must promptly remove penis from givee's mouth before gravity takes it's toll.
Honey, this is a lesson in tough love. This'll hurt you more than it'll hurt me.
by gonnagetchagetcha June 20, 2010
An excuse for a parent/guardians to drink excessive amounts of alcohol to the point where they deem it necessary to inflict pain physically and or sexually to their underage children for their own pleasure. This reason is usually told to the victim to keep them from going to the police.
Dad: "barges in kids room drunk" you sun of a beech imma teach you ta leave da kitchen light on!

Son: No daddy please dont put you wand in my pooper again... AHHHH..... why me daddy why?!?!

Dad: itz called tough love sun. it'll make ya a good person... now spread them cheeckz wider!
by Enatap Ynohtna February 16, 2010
Doing some thing really wierd or unexpected, absolutely extra ordinary and uncalled for because of love.
Shady's mum kicked him out of the house because he continued to do drugs and play video game all day. She's gat tough love

Glass sold his car to buy a Ruby for his gal friend.Talk of tough love. What a guy! (Ofcourse I'd never do this. Not my Cruiser!)

by Julius Glass Mussenze November 04, 2005
A slang term used to describe sexual acts that involve bondage.
Judy wanted to introduce Bob to tough love.

As I walked into the bondage store I thought to myself im up for some tough love tonight.
by Bruce_au April 10, 2007
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