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A girl who is strong, independent, and capable of standing up for herself. She's probably into sports and/or rock 'n' roll and is a bit of a tomboy, but not butch. Generally, she is well respected and admired by men and women alike.
Joan Jett sure is a tough girl!
by tapermire July 28, 2012
A female who personifies the traditional male machismo attitude, but doesn't have to suffer the same consequences that males do when they equally step out of line.

In reality, if a male just snapped and went full-house on this brand of annoying, bravado cunt, she'd be instantly put back in her place in the kitchen making sammiches.
Tough girl: "I'm not afraid to hit a man. I don't give a fu-"

(some guy who's sick of her mouth then pounds her in the face.)

Tough Girl: How could you hit a WOMAN like that!!
by Skawtee January 10, 2011
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