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Miyazaki's worst movie. Has no plot, and is chock full of little girl upskirt shots.
The movie "My Neighbor Totoro" is an amorphous blob of suck. It's lack of direction and random BS will only appeal to small children or wapanese dorks.
by D. Arse January 24, 2005
A forest spirit that is only visible to children. They are associated with Camphor trees and have the ability to play the ocarina. They hang around with Catbus.
A Totoro is a forest spirit.
by Nicholas Anda December 05, 2003
teh cutest little fellow
omg wtf, totoro is so kawaii
by SophDawg November 16, 2003
my neighbor who lives in a tree with his friend the catbus.
My neighbor Totoro likes to sleep.
by plum2 August 17, 2011