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An umbrella term describing a growing number of intrusive celebrity gossip blogs,and entertainment news websites. An abbreviated form of term i.e "TMZ" serves as the title for the popular entertainment news site

A totalitarian media zealot can be easily described as a faux journalist employed to "find the scoop", "breaking the story", "dig up the dirt", and "spread rumors" on high profile individuals in the entertainment industry.

The credibility and ethics of totalitarian media zealots is perpetually in question as they become even more intrusive, libelous, and blantantly shirk the rights to privacy of our favorite television, music, and movie stars.

Totalitarian media zealots are commonly known to amass large standing armies of paparazzi. Not to be confused with a "press photographer", paarazzi are ruthless paid mercenaries of totalitarian media zealots. TMZ paparazzi is dispatched to any location where a known celebrity is spotted and usually it is not a red carpet event. Personal privacy is habitually disregarded by a totalitarian media zealot paparazzo for the sake of achieving an impromptu photo or video of the celebrity.

Totalitarian media zealots are proving to be menace to American society as the demand for quick and easy access to celebrity "infotainment", "gossip", and "rumors" increases exponentially. The spread of zealous media totalitarianism is currently undermining the integrity of journalism as the unethical tactics utilized by TMZ are being adopted by reputable press outlets.
Known totalitarian media zealots:

tabloid magazines

The New York Post

Ryan Seacrest

cable news networks
by Define Me! March 21, 2009
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