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Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is the 4th upcoming season of the Total Drama Island series. It consists of 13 new character appearances as well as cameos from the original cast on a now, even-more-run-down, camp.
Ale-Alejandro: Total Drama: Revenge of the Island will probably be one of the best seasons| TDIFan13: Yeah. | Neko-naito: Mhm. Even though not all of the original cast appears. | MissTDITylerFan: Total Drama is awesome!
by QueenAle June 29, 2011
The fourth season of the amazing cartoon, Total Drama Island. Chris McLean takes 13 new teenagers back to Camp Wawanakwa, which is now radioactive, for a chance at another million dollars.
Dakota: I can't wait for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! | Neko: I know, it will be so good! | Mikey: I think Dawn will be the best! | MrD: When will CN premiere it?!?! | Ale-Alejandro: Can I be in this definition?
by Dakotacoons June 29, 2011
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