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A well known stunt in the Co-Ed Cheerleading World; A variant of the well known stunt Toss Hands.
Steps to do Toss Doggie:
1) Stand behind flyer
2) Grab flyer's hips
3) Dip on the count of three
4) Instead of tossing the flyer up to one's hands, when shes a few inches off the ground, bend her forward
5) The momentum of the 'toss' should send her head to the ground as if she was touching her toes
6) Viola: Toss Doggie
Look at Cory do a toss doggie with Manny. Cory has great technique, I wonder who taught him?!

Marc shows Cory how to do toss doggie real well!

They just won the UCA National Championship with their flawless routine, topped off with a toss doggie!!!
by CRAZYbastard4444 December 29, 2009
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