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A brooding being who seeks a meaning to his empty existence. These guys are rare (practically non-existent anywhere with a ‘lad’ culture) & require a keen eye to detect the torment that binds them and an empathic individual to bring them out of their shell. Two types of tortured souls: ‘The destructive’ these come in the form of misunderstood addicts with a low anger tolerance. They become violent quickly and flare into strange moods due to their over passionate nature. Even with their exertions these guys still retain the capability to shag you senseless; ‘The virtuosos’ these are the undiscovered geniuses of the tortured soul variety. It can be a blessing, or more predominantly a curse. Found perusing over a book of sonnets or dishing out a new Mona Lisa all in one day. They are meticulous beings that keep to themselves and rarely communicate other than stating their next order at the local coffee shop. Nevertheless, they are hot-blooded individuals whose fiery character leads them to fall either desperately and irrevocably into enlightenment or darkness. They too can shag you into oblivion.These two types can often collide and overlap giving you the ‘Twofold-Tortured Soul’. A unique combination, characterised by their emotional state of permanent angst – if found, they need to find their eternal soul-mate Cosmo immediately. Otherwise they will lapse into a violent state of Karmic Destruction – the need to destroy their body and soul together to end their agony.
tortured soul edwardcullen mozart pain angst vampirism pianoguys sex danger hot bigdingdong
by SobaQuentinaZerat January 24, 2013
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a person who has or is being tortured for a very long time
hey you see that tortured soul he was raped at the age of 10 and molested at 13
by hatman ftw March 09, 2009
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a lost soul with no life
has pictures of death
Matthew101 is a tortured soul

by jacob89 March 10, 2009
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