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two cousins who seem more like best friends because they can't leave each other's general area or else they'll lose conciousness
it is also speculated that they touch each other
dude, the tornetta twins

yeah i know, they dumb
by AlecJEwman August 07, 2009

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tornetta christina duh lol retards shelby shell tina twins
omg, only thee coolest gurlz on the east coast!! holla!!! LOL!
One playz tennis and one has a bf thats like 7 foot!! ROFL.
nyway, yeah, they supa cool
Christina : "Hay shell!!!"

Shelby : "Hay tina!"

Christina : "howz ur day goin! LOL!"

Shelby: "well, i'm goin 2 colins 2night!!! my bub! rofl!"

Christina : "kay!"

tornetta twins for life!
by Lou Stevens October 15, 2010