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Tornadom is the user name a of a very powerful and outstanding contributor to the internet. The internet would fail to be awesome with out the works of this indivigual, and in the rare cases it does suck is the direct result oif Tornadom's absence from it.

It was once said that Tornadom, who is also known as the Tornado or simply Torn posted enough times in one sitting to save starving children in Detroit. No formal records of this person have been found in real life, but that is one of the beauties of insane and never ending power... the ability to disapear.
Max- "Were you online last Tuesday?"

Kellan- "Yeah, for some reason there was a deep void of meaning and everything seemed to suck hard-core."

Max- "I guess Tornadom wasn't logged on."
by M.S.C. March 05, 2008
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