1. A torie is a term used to describe someone who is ugly and rude.

2. It can also be used to describe your poop to your friends.
3. The last definition is someone who is a female dog.
1. That person looks like torie.
2. i just took the biggest torie my butt began to bleed!
3. You are an ungrateful little torie.
by maxmilano2 August 12, 2011
Top Definition
Verb: To Torie is to take advantage of someone using a dominant attitude in a tunnel.
Someone toried me last night in that tunnel by the University.
by lobsterface1219 February 09, 2010
An extremely attractive girl whos flirty personality and curvacious figure will keep you coming back for more. She's usually a blonde, and shows that she is. People gravitate towards Torie. She enjoys long relationships and has many close guy friends. Often mistaken for a "slut" but really isn't. She can also be a super bitch if you get onto her bad side. Most people are jealous of her, because dayumm she's on top of her game. Basically, Torie's fuckin DOPE. You're just not on her level.
Torie is Gods gift to man, one sexy down to earth female who contains the most luring eyes and breath-taking smile, pure fun, an orgasmic feeling unnatural to most people.

logan: dude, did you see torie today!?
tony: yeah! her chest was like, out there. damn, i want some of that!
logan: i'm actually gonna get it though!
by helloimkittyx3 October 17, 2009
Cute, smart, sweet, and loving. These things all describe "Torie". Let's just say she's wonderful.
Oh my god...it's Torie!
by TheBaum77 July 07, 2016
a hot girl that goes to my school...which happens to be my girlfriend! i love that girl....
torie..if you reading this...i love you!
torie asked me out a few months ago...and i still love her
by geger_cnx07 November 22, 2007
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