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A totally stuck up, self-absorbed cunt. No morals, care for others, or soul. You can smell her attitude a mile away and it stinks. Wearing a dyke haircut is common custom.
Shit, here comes Tori.
by Vaginal Drilling Corp. September 04, 2011
Person that Fornelos and Clayton want to pause time and ploww them with our huge ones!!!! LOVE YOU BABE
I want to Tori that fittie.
by AlexFornelos June 04, 2009
a tear in soccer cleats
dern i ripped a tori
by Fire and Ice 2 August 17, 2009
1. Want to do some Tori. 2. Hook up the Tori. 3. It's Tori time.
by Enteri September 11, 2007
The act of not returning phone calls or text messages.
I toried my friends to see if they cared about me.
by William Watts August 17, 2007
Tori is slang for cocaine, yayo, coke, or snow. The euphemism gained popularity in the late 90's in the southern California region, eventually spreading and gaining use in northern Califoria circa 2002. While the use has been largely in the California area, use of it has been reported on the east coast as well as international locations.

In addition, it can be used twice in a sentence to suggest large amounts or 'going on a bender'.
1. Let's do some Tori and get the party started.
2. I'm looking for some Tori Tori, how much?
3. I can't belive you do Tori, just joking, I do too, let's do it together and fool around all night long.
by Itinerant September 13, 2007
A girl who comes from Sweden and owns gaurd goats. She likes going skiing and haveing her hair played with by creepers.
Its Tori from Sweden Ya!!
by Wouldnt you like to know!? May 09, 2008