one who loves to eat cats.
you are such a tori when you eat cats.
by anon694398479238479238489f January 23, 2011
A sweet girl when you first meet her, but once you get to know her, she becomes the biggest bitch ever. She's two faced and thinks she's perfect when she's really not. She goes for the popular crowd and forgets everyone else. She acts stupid around guys she likes and is really giggly. You may like her but she will back-stab you soon.
Jessie: OMG! Why is Tori being like that?
Rachel: I dunno but she's the biggest bitch ever, she told everyone who I like.
Jessie: Wow, she's a bitch.
by yolandaXXyo. January 17, 2013
A very short girl. Preferably brunette. Usually under 5 foot tall. Receives nicknames that make fun of her height like Smurf, Elf, Oompa-Loompa, Santa's Little Helper, etc...
Tori is so short! She reminds me of a smurf!
by Smurf's Giant August 15, 2011
Person that Fornelos and Clayton want to pause time and ploww them with our huge ones!!!! LOVE YOU BABE
I want to Tori that fittie.
by AlexFornelos June 04, 2009
Tori is, overall, the biggest bitch you will ever meet. She is a liar, a backstabber, and a fake friend. She has no rack, she thinks she can dance when she really just looks like a dying version of Happy Feet, and she looks like a walking skeleton. She thinks she's really cool, except she's a complete loser. Nobody likes her, but they're all afraid to leave her because she will try to make their life miserable if they do. Basically, she's going to grow up to be a cheap prostitute, and everyone will laugh.
Dude, I saw Tori yesterday. She's still a bitch, and she looks like a sperm bank.
A totally stuck up, self-absorbed cunt. No morals, care for others, or soul. You can smell her attitude a mile away and it stinks. Wearing a dyke haircut is common custom.
Shit, here comes Tori.
by Vaginal Drilling Corp. September 04, 2011
a tear in soccer cleats
dern i ripped a tori
by Fire and Ice 2 August 17, 2009

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