The most amazing and creative person. You love to talk to her and fall for her the second you do! She gorgeous with or without make-up. She makes the most amazing friends and has the most amazing things to talk about. She's smart, gorgeous, loving, amazing, has a great taste in music, and much much more!
You'll be lucky to know her and will
Become you bestest friend in even 5 days. She's unbelievably incredible and you never will wanna loose her!! Also has a great ass...
Boy 1- Bro do you see Tori
Boy 2- Yeah bro she's soo gorgeous and amazing
Boy 1- I know right, she's just all around amazing!!
Boy 2- and look at day ass...
by Flamenfrost36 February 02, 2015
Japanese word for bird

(Also the kanji tatoo on the chest of the wrongly convicted bandit whose name I can't remember in an episode of Naruto.)
Ah! Look at that! Tori!
by SoraTori December 11, 2006
Mentally challenged retarted emotional tall black hair not loyal player
Her grades make it look like she's a tori
by Islayah January 21, 2015
also spelled 'toris, a slang for the clitoris. pronounced TOR-is, unlike the second half of the full word "clitoris." typically spoken when covertly recounting a sexual escapade to a friend when others are around, and "clit" or "clitoris" would be inappropriate.
"It took me three hours to find the 'toris and then I went all over the place."
means: "i couldn't find the clit and i nutted all over her," but sounds like you were trying to find your car or something
by Baba Oriley October 05, 2006
A) One who is female and appreciates anime, manga, and video games. Like a rare bird that graces you with its beauty before it majestically takes to the sky and leaves, she can be quite rare and a tad cruel to those that do not meet her interests.

Like a tsundere, she displays a cold, harsh demeanor, but appears extremely unlike her usual self around those that are interesting to her. Deep within is a loving girl that will never leave your side.

B) Japanese term meaning "bird"
Example A)
Eric -'s Tori?
Felix - Hm? She's fine. We saw a new episode of Nabari no Ou the other day and we checked out the updates for release of SMT: Persona 4.
Eric - Lucky little bast...!
Tori - *enters unexpectedly* Hi guys! *pulls Felix close by the arm* I found a really good anime, wanna check it out?
Felix - Sure!.....Talk to you later, Eric! *runs off with Tori*
Eric - *watches the two run off* Screw my luck...I need to find myself a Tori. :(
by Kuroe May 20, 2008
While playing pool if someone does a lucky shot with absolutely no skill, then it is known as "Doing a Tori".
An example of this would be if an individual (known as a Tori) hits a white ball very hard in a random direction and always pots their appropriate colour.
by Ashz August 18, 2007
Tori is quite possibly the most awkward person you will ever meet. She's so random, and is obsessed with rainbows throwing up on clouds. She has glasses and contacts, short brawn hair, and a Mac. When you talk to her though, she makes you feel so random with her weird topics. She plays the flute. Somehow she gets you drawn in about the weird things she says. She's actually an okay person though so.
Did you hear that girl she was talking about dogs barfing clouds?
Yeah, that's Tori.
by Lahle December 18, 2012

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