a good blow job giver
i wish she was like tori
by rgfbvyuvr April 13, 2011
A girl with a very inquisitive mind. She likes horror films and disturbing documentaries. Because of her uniqueness, Tori finds it hard to acclimate to modern times. She doesn't have a mainstream brain, but sometimes goes too far out of her way to be a complete outlier. She has gorgeous hair and a beautiful body, but is too self-conscious to care. Tori thinks everyone finds her a freak, but that's only because she thinks of herself as non-personable. Tori has a young sister that is also very bright, but Tori doesn't always understand how to interact with said sister.
Person A: Tori just wrote a poem.
Person B: Ugh, I hope she finally reads it aloud because I know it would be amazing!
Person A: Yeah, I hope she gets over her stage-fright.
by Aokigahara February 11, 2013
name of a dark haired girl with a slim beautiful figure but she doesn't see it cause she hates herself, she's got a beautiful smile and a hilarious laugh, she has a big heart but it's broken, she doesn't take peoples bullshit, she's a fighter not a lover, and... Dat booty doe
Man have you seen that girl!? I bet she's a tori
by Insane tendencies March 01, 2015
A stunning and unique girl that is an AMAZING KISSER!!

A unique amazing girl that is really rear to find and when you find her hold on to her because she will give you everything that you want in a girl.
i love when Tori kisses me.
by tozza101 April 03, 2013
She is very loud and annoying. She can be heard from miles and loves to eat pizza. Tori can sometimes get angry but is usually nice and you can always count on her
Tori is just so nice.
by Tori T January 19, 2015
Born on 12-02-1989, this girl is overall a 9/10 (-1 point because of her annoying antics and guy).
She's always pretty, but at times can be drop-dead gorgeous. She never realizes it though, which can get annoying. She's very modest which can also be very annoying.
She always needs answers now, hates to be ignored or avoided, and will bother you until she gets what she "needs".
She's a selfproclaimed "Grammar Nazi".
She's super flexible due to years of gymnastics and pole vaulting. This is always a good thing.
Music-wise, she likes everything from Mindless Self Indulgence to Norah Jones. She has a kick ass voice, too. She was once in a band but dropped out because the drummer wouldn't stop hitting on her.
She's great in the sack, she never gets tired or boring. She gave me the best BJ I've ever had but she's not a whore at all.
She's sexy as hell.
She loves the Jagermister.
She trusts too easy.
She loves to have fun.
She's got an asshole boyfriend who has treated her like shit in the past.
She's electric.
She misses her mom.

The Train song "Meet Virginia" explains her perfectly.
"Damn, if you EVER get a chance to be with Tori, even for an hour, take it!"
"Why, man?"
"Because Tori is one of the best girls you will ever meet, in every way."
"Will she watch sports with me?"
"She loves her Yankees, man. And you'll love the way she'll kick your ass in bed after she fights with you about it, too."
by 1mTH4Tguy October 14, 2009
also spelled 'toris, a slang for the clitoris. pronounced TOR-is, unlike the second half of the full word "clitoris." typically spoken when covertly recounting a sexual escapade to a friend when others are around, and "clit" or "clitoris" would be inappropriate.
"It took me three hours to find the 'toris and then I went all over the place."
means: "i couldn't find the clit and i nutted all over her," but sounds like you were trying to find your car or something
by Baba Oriley October 05, 2006

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