name of a dark haired girl with a slim beautiful figure but she doesn't see it cause she hates herself, she's got a beautiful smile and a hilarious laugh, she has a big heart but it's broken, she doesn't take peoples bullshit, she's a fighter not a lover, and... Dat booty doe
Man have you seen that girl!? I bet she's a tori
by Insane tendencies March 01, 2015
A girl with a very inquisitive mind. She likes horror films and disturbing documentaries. Because of her uniqueness, Tori finds it hard to acclimate to modern times. She doesn't have a mainstream brain, but sometimes goes too far out of her way to be a complete outlier. She has gorgeous hair and a beautiful body, but is too self-conscious to care. Tori thinks everyone finds her a freak, but that's only because she thinks of herself as non-personable. Tori has a young sister that is also very bright, but Tori doesn't always understand how to interact with said sister.
Person A: Tori just wrote a poem.
Person B: Ugh, I hope she finally reads it aloud because I know it would be amazing!
Person A: Yeah, I hope she gets over her stage-fright.
by Aokigahara February 11, 2013
A stunning and unique girl that is an AMAZING KISSER!!

A unique amazing girl that is really rear to find and when you find her hold on to her because she will give you everything that you want in a girl.
i love when Tori kisses me.
by tozza101 April 03, 2013
The most amazing and creative person. You love to talk to her and fall for her the second you do! She gorgeous with or without make-up. She makes the most amazing friends and has the most amazing things to talk about. She's smart, gorgeous, loving, amazing, has a great taste in music, and much much more!
You'll be lucky to know her and will
Become you bestest friend in even 5 days. She's unbelievably incredible and you never will wanna loose her!! Also has a great ass...
Boy 1- Bro do you see Tori
Boy 2- Yeah bro she's soo gorgeous and amazing
Boy 1- I know right, she's just all around amazing!!
Boy 2- and look at day ass...
by Flamenfrost36 February 02, 2015
She is very loud and annoying. She can be heard from miles and loves to eat pizza. Tori can sometimes get angry but is usually nice and you can always count on her
Tori is just so nice.
by Tori T January 19, 2015
A person who makes you so happy it's undescribable.
Someone who gives the sun a reason to come out in the morning and shine brightly.
Someone who gives you a reason to wake up with a smile in the morning.
Someone who will care for you like no other.
Someone who will always know how to make you laugh even when you don't feel like it.
The most amazint person in the whole entire universe.
You seem quite Tori today:)
by CodyHasACookie November 19, 2015
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