A great reminder that no matter how bad relationships are, they can always be fixed.
Thanks to Tori, I was able to fix my friendship with this guy.
by A_Person October 11, 2012
It is a name of a very intelligent girl. Never giving up and can do what ever she puts her mind too. There is no measurement to her amount of intellect because she can do anything. No barriers to stop her from reaching her goal with her massive knowledge of everything. Not just that she is that and beautiful she is what anyone would be seen as the best traits in all of the world. She is a gorgeous girl with the smarts to come with it.
Tori is what we need to see more in the world and a woman any man would love to end of time.
by HARRISON Arm December 18, 2012
Beautiful inside and out but she doesn't see it. Very skinny but doesn't like it. Very athletic. Competitive. Loves attention but doesn't get it often. Kinda awkward and knows it. Always busy. Stressed and hurt. She tries so hard and nobody notices. She just wants to be loved
Look at tori. She's so pretty when she's upset
by pllbitchezz December 13, 2013
A girl who is, funny, energetic and sexy. She will laugh at anything. She will be crazy (in a good way). She loves stuff like computer tech and video games. Always wearing a sexy piece of clothing like a nice pair of shoes or a good looking shirt. She's got both nice tits and a nice ass that never fail to turn guys on. If she likes you, she'll show it so take the hint.
Guy one:that Tori girl really is amazing
Guy two: she's so HOT!
Girl:look at her shoes
Guy 3: look at her assets. She's got both tits and ass
by Theclashfan534 March 28, 2013
A hardworking mother who will do anything for her children. A social butterfly who's not afraid to reach out and give second, even third chances. Forgive and forget, then carry on. She tries her hardest in everything she does and I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!
A Wondering Stranger:"How do you describe someone who is caring, amazing, and the best EVER?"

My Response:"My mom, Tori."
by lolo2000 August 11, 2011
Usually the short version of the name Victoria. She is an amazing girl that loves her parents. Goes to church and would seriously do ANYTHING for God. She loves to be with her friends and has an amazing personality. Is always there if you need help or support.
Tori is so amazing and is there when I need her
by Suka_4_Your_ Love February 14, 2009
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