the most loyal friend one can have. You'll wish you had one! Her style is amaaazing, her body incredibly skinny, her personality unique, the list goes on and on! She's a true gangsta at heart and a huge fan of anime.
Random person: Damn, where can I get me one of those toris?
by xXxfallenxXx August 01, 2009
The girl who doesn't need make-up to be pretty. Her eyelashes are super long and her eyebrows are perfect. She loves rainbows and unicorns. She's athletic, and she has a shy side when it comes to boys. She texts you everyday to ask how it's going, and makes you smile with her random conversations. The perfect shopping buddy. You may get a little angry with her sometimes, but it blows over very quickly, because you just can't stay mad at a Tori. Extremely good at video games and is great with the art of drawing. Except for not. You'll had some amazing times with her which you will never forget.
Miles: That Tori girl seems nice... I'd love to go shopping with her.
Sean: Yeah sure, all I know is she's HOT. Is she taken?
Chris: Yes, by me.
Miles and Sean: ... DANG.
by RedHeadFriend April 24, 2011
A funny, smart, sweet, sexy and caring girl who loves with all her heart. She's also a crazy, psycho bitch when you mess with someone she cares about. If you know Tori she either likes you and will have your back right or wrong or she doesn't care for you in which case you better watch your back. Tori loves one man and one man only and he owns her heart forever. Tori is pure awesomeness.
Tori is so awesome I wish I was Eric so she'd be in love with me.
by MissTori December 11, 2013
I cannot find one flaw with Tori.
by btteowdoa May 29, 2009
a fucking hot mutha fuker. you would be lucky to go out with this bitch she is dam fine. tori means to do pleasureful things for longer than 10 minutes. she is a hot babe
toris a hot bitch
she is rad
by anonomyous12333 July 25, 2009
Fun, Awesome, Crazy, makes you laugh at the weirdest times. Post such funny pictures on facebook, and usually the shortest person around<3
Tori is so short!
by beehehe September 06, 2011
The bestest friend you could ever ask for. No matter what she is there for you and always will be. She is truly beautiful and i will be there for her my whole life. <3
Tori is the best person ever
by Hobolovermorris October 26, 2011

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