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Tori, sweet, caring, always loved, friendly, beautiful, loves her dad, never again to be forgotten, guys dont understand her, but her frends do, skinny, long legs, bad clothes, thinks she is fatter than she is, beautifull
Tori is like a caterpillar waiting to becaome a butterfly

(2 months later)

Ya umm ur lil catterpillar has cacooned and is beautifull
by Abercrombie obsessed June 12, 2005
572 330
tori; a sweet girl who seems to have it all figured out. tori is beautiful, she is confident, talented, and likes to party. her beautiful smile lights up the night almost as much as her pretty eyes. guys love her cause she's her, no one else.. just her outgoing funny self. she's gorgeous, girls are jealous, but that doesn't stop her. she's confident in herself, doesn't second guess or regret much. she may seem to have it all figured out, but deep down inside, she's just trying to find her place in this world, she will. she'll be somebody.
victoria? tori? vicky? tor? doesn't matter what you call her, she's still her, no body else.
by ashootingstar July 19, 2011
355 122
an intelligent teenage girl who is very attractive and is confident in their own skin. this girl has a beautiful laugh and a passionate personality. she is someone who is loyal and wonderful and any man would be lucky to have her love and devotion. :)
"wow that tori is hot. i cant believe she is available. maybe i should get up the nerve to talk to her.i bet she is so worth it."
by Audrey Hepburn Lover October 14, 2009
430 214
Japanese word for bird

(Also the kanji tatoo on the chest of the wrongly convicted bandit whose name I can't remember in an episode of Naruto.)
Ah! Look at that! Tori!
by SoraTori December 11, 2006
356 236
The most amazing, intelligent, beautiful, gorgeous, breath-taking girl to ever walk this planet. Anyone that is around her will have their breath taken away. Everyone is in awe to her beauty, her intelligent, and the way she carries herself. She is simply the most amazing person to ever have been born. This world could not exist without this particular ToRi.
ToRi is the only one that can make this world go round. The only girl that can make anyone envious, is ToRi.
by Her's ;) February 07, 2011
171 81
Real cool, down to earth person who isnt afraid to laugh
friend one:"dude, u just hit a squirrel"

Tori: "HA! aw man"
by gtrpenguin May 02, 2010
149 62
1. A name short for Victoria
2. The Japanese word for 'bird'
3. Generally a more tomboyish girl, choosing Tori over Vici as a nickname implying a usual like of video games, sports, or other frequently manly activities as opposed to make up and barbie dolls.
4. Happy go lucky girl with a more optimistic attitude but sometimes naive perspective.
1. Tori is short for Victoria
2. Lets have some yakitori (fried bird).
3. Tori owned me in Brawl yesterday.
4. Tori felt that people were generally good and could always find the best in life, though her friends disagreed.
by PonceDeLeon March 02, 2009
153 80