when you are upset or screwed over. another word for jewish.
Rachel: did you buy the tickets lauren?
Lauren: ah topanga!! i forgot!
by lorach December 06, 2008
a wildly frizzy haired beast.
WOW! look at the topanga! someone needs a shaving...

you could knit a blanket out of that topanga
by ilovecrazyrangaaas June 29, 2010
To instigate a shitty scheme in which one compromises with someone more than he or she actually wants to, in an attempt to "test" that person's actual devotion to you.
My girlfriend said that I could see other people, but the witch was really Topangaing with me to test my love.
by McGuyver March 14, 2005
A city with a mall in the san fernando valley. Not the best mall. It sucks.
Girl 1: Wanna go like to a mall?
Girl 2: Like...what mall?
Girl 1: The Topanga Mall.
Girl 2: O...M...G Are you like serious? No way am I going in their.
by ajshbdh August 15, 2005

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