1] A place where there are no police and you get get away with just about anything.

2] a place where the majority of the people smoke weed or grow weed.

3]a place where hippes live
fred: ey dawg you wanna go to topanga and light up.
Jeff: hell yeah man. while were there you want to grow a few plats for the futer.
fred: hell fucking yeah you got the rite idea
by graterthanyou1 May 29, 2008
Top Definition
That girl from Boy Meets World. In the beginning, Cory hated her, but at the end of the show they were married. And what fun they had then.
"Hey, Topanga, breck meh out some beerz."

"I love you."

"Whay dem beerz?"
by The All-Knower December 28, 2004
Means: beautiful or spectacular
ie: Topanga from Boy Meets World. SHE is beautiful.
by Laura S. March 10, 2005
a fine white woman with characteristics that black men like. Curves, breast and cute faces. White women that white men say are too thick or that there butts are too big. Black men talk to "topanga" instead of a black women because they also lack the aggressive nature and torment that black women give. Orgin are from "Boy Meets World"- the Topanga character
I met a topanga today at starbucks, she likes to ski and I cant wait to see her in her ski fit!
by Bellagio Davinci November 09, 2010
best place on earth:
a) no cops
b) drugs
c) easy girls
d) girls on drugs
e) and pretty trees
i love topanga
by whombatt February 02, 2009
Large luscious Breast like the character Topanga from Boy Meets World.
You're Topangas look really good in that top
by Frog and Toad March 17, 2011
when you are upset or screwed over. another word for jewish.
Rachel: did you buy the tickets lauren?
Lauren: ah topanga!! i forgot!
by lorach December 06, 2008
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