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another word for a backside infection
"oh man, i forget to wash my ass, now it's covered in Topal"
by RMCF January 31, 2008
4 0
If you mental retarded you are Topal. Every kind of Mental Illness is called Topal in the Streets of Germany.
This guy is very Topal.
by Capilla April 30, 2007
19 4
If you get fucked in your asshole from many guys at the same time you've been TOPAL
Today I TOPAL my girlfriend.

Ceyhun have been TOPALed last week.
by Capilla May 18, 2007
14 5
A hazardous substance which react dangerously with knowledge. You shouldn't place it close to books, tv or internet.
Father:Jimmy! I told you to put this Topal not on the Books!
by RMCF June 21, 2007
8 1
A thing from another world. The last two letters A - L, like ALien, it's mysterious. It seems it came from the planet Dormagen. However it can't be destroyed. If you see such a Topal, you better run.
Oh my God, it's here! The Topal!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
by RMCF January 30, 2008
2 0