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That girl chillin' on her porch on Westside Cook St. is TOOTZ!!!
by Senyor March 30, 2009
1. Anything and everything. Tootz is the word you use when you don't know what to say. You can say it in place of a word.

2. A word you say when you chuck up your deuces.

Tootz is always spelt with a z, never an s.
1. "Tootz, I can't find the notebook I need!"

"She's so...tootz!"

"Aw, thats tootz!"

2. "TOOTZ! (peace sign)"
by tootzgirl101 May 18, 2011
V.trans: To light something on fire.
Albert tootzed up the grill and he and his friends barbecued a few bratwursts and knocked back some brewskis. Life was good in Milwaukee. Or WAS, until the attack of the seven-foot Japanese beetles ruined their cookout.

"Damn beetles!" moaned Albert, as one of the large hemiopter was chewing off his face.

"I told you, don't get those beetle traps, didn't I," chided Steve. "They just ATTRACT them to your place. Next time, use spray. Damn the environment!"

But by that time, Albert couldn't hear Steve's good if belated advice, because the beetle had chewed his head off entirely.
by Luigi July 11, 2004
prostitutes that own a street or block.. and have the ultimate connections with gang members and even drug dealers. also decide when new hookers can work in that area.
" Dont work on that street, tootz own that turf"...
by lilly locker December 14, 2010
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