Straw or other tube used for smoking methamphetamines
Hey dog, hand me that tooty.
by Ice Cream Man July 15, 2003
Top Definition
something or someone that defines perfection.

usually refers to a person.
Not only does he make me feel special in a way no one has, but he is just all around tooty.
by madi bailey November 09, 2006
your butt
I got a big tooty
by Gkidz April 26, 2010
Farts. The act of passing gas.
Somebody did some tooties up in here. It stinks!
by Feyo from St. Louis September 10, 2012
In rayanesque, it means goodbye, or ciao it originates from the term tootles, or toodles
Okay, I'll talk to you later, tooties
by B.T.S.A. Rafay June 26, 2006
Noun: A lady or group of ladies. Adjective: May be put with other words to describe a fun, lady-oriented event, i.e. tootie-tastic
We're leaving the boyfriends at home tonight and making it a tooties only night!" "There are way too many tooties in this bar." or "Seriously, your birthday party last year was tootie-tastic.
by iveymo September 10, 2010
Boobs, fat ones and fake ones or any kind.
Young warrior: shaniqua invited me to the river but i didnt want to go because i didnt want to see her tooties unleashed
by Big Warrior June 27, 2005

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