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Where you stick it in a girl's ass and it comes out covered in a girl's fecies, resulting in looking like a yummmy tootsie roll!
I got tootsie rolled by my girl!
by Tellers December 16, 2008
The little poo that hangs from your ass and seems to take forever to produce
Aww. I worked so hard only to make a tootsie roll
by JOE CORRAO October 10, 2007
Lil Kim's usage of black pussy
Come and lick my tootsie roll.
by Joe April 22, 2005
when someone takes a huge runny shit all over a bed and makes another person roll around in it.
"Personally, I prefer the Tootsie Roll because it covers a greater surface area unlike its close relative the Cleavland Steamer which only covers the chest. I'm down for a Tootsie Roll anytime!"
by Brelly February 29, 2008
(n.) the condition produced when a man withdraws his penis from the anus of another and it is bedaubed with the other's fecal matter. (A.K.A. a poopwiener)
My girlfriend gave me a tootsie roll last night, it was gross!
by Chagrin94 August 10, 2005
When a person holds down another, usually a sibling, and inserts the tip of their thumb, pressed through the pants, into the victim's anus as a display of superiority in physical strength.
"Last night I gave Kenny a tootsie roll because he was getting out of hand."
by Bad_Andy January 24, 2007
When a guy is fucking a chick up the ass and he pulls out and she finishes with a blow
She gave me a tootsie roll last night.
by The Servant October 07, 2003