When a man Jizzums in a girls butt crack, allows it to harden then procedes to lick it all up only using his tounge, thus getting to the center of her chocolate tootsie pop.
Last night I came in a girls butt crack and this other girl licked it out like a tootsie pop
by Dan Scragg July 28, 2006
another name for a teenie weenie peeny, or penis. has bee linked particularly to those named alonzo
With meat curtains opened wide she said I cant feel your tootsie pop
by big momma May 02, 2005
Fucking a bitches asshole in the ass while having anal sex prior to her licking your schlong clean.
I made that ho bitch toostie pop my black ass after i tore her rectum and split her ain'tcha.
by likity splitz March 09, 2003

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