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A kick assery day to get a cheap hooker. Usually because it's the second day of the week, when society is working at their jobs or having a sextastic moment with a wife.
Dude I really wanna get the snake wet today (whines constantly about wanting sex)

Well haven't you heard about this thing called Toonie Tuesday?

What's that?

It's a day where hookers are toonies (minute, or hour, depends on the quality too)

Oh dude awesome!

Yeh! And we can get a two for one with this coupon! Tuesdays are just as awesome as Stacy's mom!
by Toonie Tuesday's save money! October 18, 2011
In Canada, KFC sells a weeks worth of leftover chicken that they're not allowed to legally include in a meal. It normally consists of beaks and chicken feet and it costs 2 Canadian Dollars (a toonie). Usually it's just hobos or old people who actually buy it.

Also a term used by high school drug dealers in Canada when they sell all their cheapest weed for a toonie on tuesdays.
grandma: "Well why don't we go to KFC now? it's Toonie Tuesday so it'll only cost two bucks eh."

grandpa: "Great idea, and after that we can go buy some cheap weed from teenagers."

grandma: "Sweet!"
by the_canadian June 22, 2009
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