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The dialectical forms of government, according to Plato, are a succession of governments that replace the preceding one when the preceding one can no longer sustain itself. They are:
Timocracy, which is replaced by an Oligarchy (also called Plutocracy or Monarchy), which is then replaced by a Democracy, which is then replaced by Tyranny (also called Despotism). In Tool-chest Politics all forms of government are respected according to their purpose in checks and balances when considering critical observation of the other forms, somewhat like the three branches of the United States Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial; also similar to how factional parties 'keep an eye on each other', such as the Democratic and Republican Parties in the U.S. Tool-chest Politics thinks outside of the box, so to speak, and observes the cycle of governments as a whole integrated system, each dependent on each other. An example of a country that utilizes this style of government is the United Kingdom.
Jack: "I heard that the Republican Party is like a hammer for the nail." :/

Slim: "Yeah, and the Democratic Party is the screwdriver for the proverbial 'screw!'" :\

Jack: "Hey, that would be 'Tool-chest Politics!'" :D
by James Kelly Williamson September 28, 2009
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