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Another word for 'Goodbye', generally used by Chinese Mafia Bosses while bidding farewell to the family members of a kidnapped guy (as shown in the youth-centered, 'Hangover').
Toodaloo Mothafucker
by Chamaar April 27, 2010
117 121
The way old people say goodbye.
Toodaloo my darling.

Toodaloo fucker.
by CJDJ September 12, 2005
393 108
means :- goodbye

From the French tout a l'heure. Meaning see you later.
bye for now, too-da-loo
by yahDawn January 23, 2011
17 1
The toodaloo is when you bring a girl back to her house, get her very excited and naked. You then tie the girl to the bedpost spread-eagle, blindfold her, and then leave.
"Ohh Elliot this is so romantic"
"Okay Honey I'm putting the blindfold on"
"Elliot this is so romantic.... Elliot?.... baby?...."
by Senor Big Dic July 18, 2009
135 254
(I am going) "to the loo"

a means of expressing your wish to go to the toilet
Tim: toodaloo
Chris: gogogo
by Johnno31 August 23, 2008
62 182